Talismen are items found inside of the Forgotten World. They are used to complete the Collection Book quest series. All eight talismen of one collection form into a complete collection and can be rewarded after all have been registered.


Talismen can be found inside of every Forgotten World on any level. They can either be found after defeating treasure boxes or the boss monster of the dungeon.

Each collection has six normal and two rare talismen.


Each Forgotten World has a different set of talismen to register into the collection book.

Forgotten World talismen
Forgotten World Talisman Rarity Reward
Togui Village Red tears often

Degree 8 Seal of Sun weapon

Western scriptures often
Togui mask often
Red talisman normal
Puppet normal
Dull kitchen knife normal
Spell paper rare
Elder staff rare
Flame Mountain Fire flower often

Degree 9 Seal of Sun weapon

Horned cattle often
Flame of oblivion often
Flame paper normal
Hearthstone flame normal
Enchantress necklace normal
Fire dragon sword rare
Honghaeah armor rare

Shipwreck - The

Green Abyss

Silver pendant often

Degree 10 Seal of Moon weapon

Cobalt emerald often
Logbook often
Love letter normal
Portrait of a woman normal
Jewelry box normal
Diamond watch rare
Mermaid's tears rare

Shipwreck - The

Sea of Resentment

Broken key often

Degree 11 Seal of Nova A Power weapon

Large tong often
Phantom harp often
Evil's heart normal
Vindictive sprit's bead normal
Hook hand normal
Commander's patch rare
Sereness's tears rare
  • Collection 1: Phantom of the Crimson Blood
  • Collection 2: The Burning Abyss


Talismen can be registered by right-clicking it in the player's inventory. This will enable a dialog window. After confirmation, the talisman will be registered in the player's collection book.